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Personal injury refers to an injury caused to a person physically, mentally and financially by another person or entity due to negligence, carelessness or wrongful actions. It does not limit to road accidents, construction accidents, medical negligence, slip and fall accidents and product deficiency but also to any kind of injury that cause damage to a person’s health, job, household economy, reputation and rights. The personal injury lawyer is the one who represents the injured person and help in getting a claim for the injury caused. The claim may be received from the person who caused the injury; or from the insurance company of the responsible person and in some cases from the insurance company of the injured. The personal injury case in New York covers all that is in the Tort’s law from medical malpractice, defective drugs, auto accidents, wrongful death, defamation, slip and fall accidents, breach of warranty and many more. Finding a personal injury lawyer in New York would not be a difficult task, but before finding the right one, you as an injured or an affected party should be aware of certain facts which are essential for the choosing the appropriate attorney.

Some of the aspects to be considered while choosing a personal injury attorney in New York are:

How to distinguish a personal injury?

A personal injury lawyer will help you in distinguishing your case as personal injury or property damage. Only when the injured has been affected physically, and the family has suffered emotional pain plus losses in terms of medical bills and liability on household income, then the case of personal injury is determined. Read more in our post here.

How to evaluate personal injury?

Correct evaluation of personal injury depends on a number of factors such as the liability, the way the accident or the damage occurred, the nature of the injury, the damage caused, etc. which determines the money that can be derived subsequently. The personal injury attorney will be able to assess if your case is worth filing to receive appropriate value. In cases where the liability is not clear or the damage caused is not severe then the attorney would advise the client not to waste money and efforts by filing the case. This is the same for cases where the driving value is low. Only in cases where the liability is clear and the damaged caused are severe would a lawyer would go forward in filing a lawsuit. In cases of bad claim, where the personal injury is severe and the liability questionable, you need to be careful to choose an expert attorney who has the skill and the knowledge to pursue a bad faith claim.

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